Domestic Screed Projects

Liquid Flow Screed

Modern buildings require a quality level floor, especially if under floor heating is installed, a professional finish is essential. If you are thinking of installing under-floor heating, liquid flow screed is a popular choice and is used by many builders and domestic households to provide the perfect solution - here's why:

  • Increased strength provides less depth, typically 50mm so better heat transfer
  • Reduced thickness helps minimise heat storage
  • Floor responds rapidly to user requirements compared to traditional sand cement screeds
  • Liquid screed is controlled to fully encompass the heating pipes, eliminating voids
  • Greater conductivity allowing the heat to diffuse evenly in the screed
  • Uniform heat transfer across the entire floor, heating up quicker than traditional screed.

Convenient and quicker to pour

Flowing liquid screed is a pump able aggregate mixture used for flooring that is self levelling and contains anhydrite that ensures a durable smooth even finish.

Traditional Screed

Traditional screed which is a composite of sand and cement used widely in the flooring industry for many decades. The screed is ordered from large suppliers and delivered on site ready for laying.

As an recognised contractor with over 35 years' experience in traditional screeding, you can be sure of a professional finish no matter the size of job.


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