About Rob

Rob has been in the floor screed industry for over 35 years. He started by laying traditional sand cement floor screed. However, with advances in liquid screed, Rob has developed his business to become a premier supplier and Approved Contractor for laying liquid flow screed which today has become the screed of choice. Rob Owen Screeding is also an approved contractor for all major suppliers of liquid floor screeds.


Why Rob Owen are Liquid Screed specialist

Rob discovered that Liquid screeds had many benefits when compared with the traditional sand cement screeds. Liquid screed has stronger compressive and flexural strength than the traditional sand cement mix. It fully compacts and makes for faster construction of buildings. Today Rob Owen are able to lay as much as 800m2 in a day and their portfolio includes projects such as the Celestia apartments in Cardiff, which used around 2500.00m3 cubic meters of liquid screed. Other recent project was 150,000m2 of liquid screed at Century Wharf Cardiff in South Wales.

Liquid screed for underfloor heating

Rob Owen Screeding also supply and lay liquid screed for the housing and self-build market in South Wales which is growing part of our business. Liquid screed works extremely well with under floor heating because it self-compacts around the pipes and leaves no air voids. Unlike sand cement traditional mix, where air voids can slow down the heat transfer. Also flowing screeds can be laid at thinner sections than sand  cement mix and this also helps achieve a much greater thermal conductivity.

As an approved contractor, we can also rely on our suppliers to help with specifications and technical advice and cost saving tips. 

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